When Video Attacks: The Art of the Video Mixtape / L’attaque des vidéocassettes : L’art du « mixtape » vidéo (Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, 2024)

Weird, Weirder, Weirdest: Experiments in Pedagogy (Première vue, 2024)

Correspondance/Correspondence MCR-MTL (Vidéographe, 2020) [co-curated with Sam Meech]

Words Before All Else: Oral Traditions in the Digital Age (Vector Festival & Art Gallery of Ontario || Vidéographe & Dazibao, 2018) [co-curated with Jenny Western]

From A to Z (Belvedere 21, Setzkasten & Zwischendecke, 2018) [co-curated with Madi Pillar]

What a Place to Be Alive (Collective Misnomer, 2017)

Execute! From Scene to Screen (Vector Festival, 2017)

 If You’re Seeing This It’s Too Late: Moving Images from Toronto (and Beyond) (Visions, 2017) 

Experimental Classics from the Cinematic Cesspool (Trash Palace, 2017)

Electronic Weavings: The Videos of Nathalie Bujold (Pleasure Dome, 2017)

Shock, Fear and Belief: The Films and Videos of Madi Piller (Pleasure Dome, 2016) [co-curated with Mike Hoolboom]

Beneath the Tower: Moving Images from Toronto (Schalten & Walten, 2016) [co-curated with Leslie Supnet]

Basement Revolutionaries (Vector Festival, 2016) [co-curated with Amber Christensen]

Magnetic Spasms: The Best of Hymn Videozine (Pleasure Dome, 2016) 

Northern Light: New Experimental Works for the Great White North (Echo Park Film Centre, 2015) [co-curated with Leslie Supnet]

Nothing Means Nothing: A Selection of Recent Found Footage Works (The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, 2015) [co-curated with Leslie Supnet]

» 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” (Vector Festival, 2015)

Parking at a Bargain: Moving Images from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Drake TV, 2015) [co-curated with Leslie Supnet]

New Wave From Canada: Visions from a Civic Conscious, Visions from the Canadian Subconscious & Asphalt Watches (Korean Film Archive, 2014)

Tales from the Northern Underground (Experimental Response Cinema, 2014)

Code in Motion: Early Computer Animation (Vector Festival || New Media Art & Sound Summit, 2014)

Short Sentences (+ other discursive formations) (VideoFag, 2013) 

The Commute (Land|Slide, 2013) [co-curated with Scott Birdwise]

Burning Down the Suburbs (Land|Slide, 2013) [co-curated with Scott Birdwise]

Sliding off the Edge of the World (The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, 2103)

Bonus Stage 2: F@n F-ck3ry (Vector Festival, 2013) [co-curated with Skot Deeming]

Awaiting the End of the Beginning (Vector Festival, 2013)

Mediations on the Medium (Vector Festival, 2013)

Stranger Comes to Town: Identity and the Avatar (Vector Festival, 2013)

City Sympathy: Cinematic Visions from Winnipeg, Manitoba (VideoFag, 2013) [co-curated with Leslie Supnet]

Code In Motion: Early Computer Animation (Plastic Paper, 2011)

Death by VHS: New Cinematic Discoveries from Winnipeg, Manitoba (DIM Cinema, Pacific Cinematheque, 2010) [co-curated with Leslie Supnet]

090909 (Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2010)

2010 Was the World of the Future (Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2010)

The Poetry of Logical Ideas: Mathematics in Film (Winnipeg Cinematheque, 2008 || 2009)

Regional Support Network

Regional Support Network [Clint Enns & Leslie Supnet] was a nomadic screening series started in Toronto, Ontario out of a desire to show experimental moving images from other cities unmediated by a Toronto curatorial lens. The series ran from 2014-2017.

Vector Festival

Vector Festival was created by Skot Deeming, kris kim, Katie Micak, and myself in 2013. The inaugural edition of Vector Game + Art Convergence ran for five days featuring more than seventy artists, scholars, and makers participated in our multi-venue programming, which included:
3 exhibitions
5 screenings
3 panel discussions
2 evenings of live performance and
4 workshops.

The flagship exhibition Other Worlds was curated by Prosthetic Knowledge and mrghosty (Skot Deeming) while and Ludacy were curated collectively. I was mainly responsible for programming the screening component of the festival, but collectively we all helped to install the work and to make the festival run smoothly. I continued to program the screening component of the festival until 2018, co-programming with Amber Christensen in 2016 and Jenny Western in 2018.

Language Formed in Light

Language Formed in Light was a screening series I created, presented by PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2010. The series consisted of solo screenings by Shana Moulton, Ben Russell, Michael Robinson, Barry Doupé & Aleesa Cohene.

In Uptown Magazine, Steven Leyden Cochrane wrote a short review of Language Formed in Light:
“Any selection of experimental films touted to explore issues of narrative touches upon two of my most cherished bigotries — toward “experimental film” itself and against the cloying, characteristically Canadian preoccupation with telling (or not-telling) stories. But here was a series of screenings, curated by Clint Enns and humanely spread out over several weeks, that elegantly argued the merits of both. Should Enns ever tackle neo-Surrealist figurative painting or new-agey performance art, I’d have to find new things to hate.”1

  1. Steven Leyden Cochrane, “Thinking outside the canvas,” Uptown Magazine (December 29, 2011). []