The Commute

Programmed by Clint Enns and Scott Birdwise. Presented by Land|Slide: Possible Futures in Markham, Ontario on October 5, 2013. 

The commute, the liminal space between work and home, a ritual performed by millions of people everyday. The commute can be a time for reflection and mediation or it can be a road rage inducing battle for the next open parking space. Commuting has had a large impact on modern life and has led to the proliferation of suburbs and commuting by car is one of the major factors contributing to air pollution. The works attempt to provide alternative ways of viewing the commute and one of its major byproducts, namely, car culture. Car culture contributes to the use of non-renewable fuel sources, the disconnection of community, urban sprawl, and urban decay. In contrast, in 2010 Mayor Rob Ford declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, the war on the car stops today . . . Transit City is over,” reinforcing his belief that that happy cars and happy drivers make for a happy city.  In this program, the nature of the rush hour and its effects on the life of modern (wo)men are examined and explored from a unique perspective. Fasten your safety belt and enjoy the ride.


The Big Adventure | Colin Strayer | 1986 | 3 min. | 16mm
401:01 | Leslie Peters | 1998 | 2 min. | DV
Drive: automatic/standard | Ian Toews & Andrea Spakowski | 2000 | 10 min. | 16mm
Turning Over | Morgan Fisher | 1973 | 13 min. | DV
Nocturne | Michael Crochetiere | 1996 | 6 min. | 16mm  
Canada Vignettes: Stunt Family | Lois Siegel | 1978 | 3 min. | DV
Cheatin’ Heart | Leslie Peters | 1999 | 3 min. | DV