Essays and Reviews

She Made Me Do It: No More Excuses for Robert Downey’s Experimental Strategies (Truth and Soul edited by Kier-La Janisse & Clint Enns, Forthcoming)

Now, Yours! || Freedom From Everything (Mike Hoolboom: Work edited by Clint Enns, Forthcoming)

The Plasmatic [Worlds of Barry Doupé] (The Encyclopedia of Animation Studies, Volume 3: Critical Approaches and Contexts, edited by Deborah Levitt & Heather Warren-Crow, Forthcoming)

Psychedelic Agit-Pop: The Animated Films of Tadanori Yokoo (Pop Cinema edited by Glyn Davis & Tom Day, Forthcoming)

Establishing Shots: An Oral History of the Winnipeg Film Group [Book Review] (Forthcoming)

When Video Attacks: The Art of the Video Mixtape (Found Footage Magazine, Forthcoming)

Much Badiou About Nothing: Productive Misreadings of Mathematical Ideas and Isiah Medina’s 88:88 (M×Φ, 2023)

Craig Baldwin: Avant to Live [Book Review] (Found Footage Magazine, 2023)

Exovede in the Darkroom: The Films of Rhayne Vermette [Book Review] (Millennium Film Journal, 2023)

Vers le paradis : la confession comme matériau de réemploi (Hors Champ, 2023)

Pictures of War (Viva Birgit Hein edited by Mike Hoolboom, 2023)

Burning Down the House with Kevin James (PopMatters, 2023)

Thuya: A Tale of Two Antoines / Thuya : un conte des deux Antoine (Hors Champ, 2022) [co-written with Mike Hoolboom, translated by Charlotte Brady-Savignac et Maude Trottier]

The Garden of Earthly Delights (Found Footage & Collage Films edited by César Ustarroz, 2021) 

Reading Bil’in in Berlin (b.h. Yael: Family States edited by Mike Hoolboom, 2021)

Hitching a Ride to Heaven: The Confessional as Found Footage (Found Footage Magazine, 2021)

The House of Olga || Conchitas (Alexandra Gelis: Seeds edited by Mike Hoolboom & Clint Enns, 2021)

A Few In-Camera Observations about Louise Bourque (Imprints: The Films of Louise Bourque edited by Clint Enns & Stephen Broomer, 2021)

Manuel DeLanda: ISM ISM [Book Review] (Public, 2020)

Cancelling the Queen (Offscreen, 2020)

Long Motel Night (Rebecca Garrett: Search edited by Mike Hoolboom, 2020)

Cross Contamination in the Movie Machine: The Darkroom Experience with Christine Lucy Latimer (Christine Lucy Latimer: Media Archaeologist edited by Mike Hoolboom, 2019)

Hardware Hacking, Software Modding & File Manipulation: Process Cinema in the Digital Age (Process Cinema: Handmade Film in the Digital Age edited by Scott Mackenzie & Janine Marchessault, 2019)

Samplings || Conchitas || IDLE / Encendido (Jorge Lozano: Reports edited by Mike Hoolboom, 2018)

A Brief History of Algorithmic Editing (Jan Bot, 2018)

From A to Z: Transfigurations Between Black Box and White Cube (SK Magazine, 2018) 

Knowledge at Bargain Prices; or, Can Experimental Cinema Set Us Free? (Cave Festival, 2017)

Nostalgic for the Digital Revolution: Interfacing With Obsolesce (Western Front, 2017)

Performance Beyond the Flesh (Unpublished, 2017)

The Frame is the Keyframe (Toronto Animated Image Society, 2016)

Animating Community (Shock, Fear, and Belief: The Films and Videos of Madi Piller edited by Clint Enns & Mike Hoolboom, 2016)

Images Beyond Time: Cinema as Photographic Archive (Found Footage Magazine, 2016)

Frampton’s Demon: A Mathematical Interpretation of Hollis Frampton’s Zorns Lemma (Leonardo, 2016)

A Brief Analysis of Hollis Frampton’s Palindrome; and how to construct five types of filmic palindromes (Millennium Film Journal, 2016)

Charting the Montage: The Roots of Algorithmic Cinema (Marshall McLuhan + Vilém Flusser’s Communication + Aesthetic Theories Revisited edited by Melentie Pandilovski & Tom Kohut, 2015)

Moving Letters: Methods for Decoding the Typographical Studies of Scott Fitzpatrick (Angular edited by Albert Alcoz & Alberto Cabrera Bernal, 2015) 

Fish Arms & Flying Squirrels: The Films of Mike Maryniuk (Toronto Animated Image Society, 2015)

Discovering the voice of the Canadian subconscious in Taking Shelter (Spectacular Optical, 2015)

Permutations and Other Schema: A Few Notes on the Films of Stephen Broomer (The Transformable Moment: The Films of Stephen Broomer edited by Scott Birdwise & Tom McSorley, 2014)

Seeing Through the Fog: Examining Narrows Inlet (Reading David Rimmer: Commentary on the Films 1967 – 2014 edited by Mike Hoolboom & Brett Kashmere, 2014)

The Public Slaw (Unpublished, 2014)

Delirious Chaos: The Early Films of Aaron Zeghers (Unpublished, 2014)

What’s with this guy? Greg Hanec’s Downtime (Canuxploitation, 2013)

Navigating Algorithmic Editing: Algorithmic Editing as an Alternative Approach to Database Cinema (Millennium Film Journal, 2012)

Jonas Mekas and the Manitoba Board of Film Censors (Unpublished, 2011)

Invoking Magickal Resurrections: The Mystical Films of Jaimz Asmundson (Unpublished, 2011)

Emotional Mereology: The Role of Composite Character in the Work of Aleesa Cohene (Haven’t We Been Here Before, 2011)

Purity and pure-injectivity for topological modules (Models, Logics, and Higher-Dimensional Categories: A Tribute to the Work of Mihàly Makkai, 2011) [co-written with Thomas G. Kucera]

Artist Writings and Manifestos

Post-Cinematic Explorations: A Few Experiments Transforming Time Into Space (OtherZine, 2018)

Inverted Pyramid Manifesto (Inverted Pyramid, 2017)

Photography Abstracted (BKN Magazine, 2016)

The Role of the Artist-Run Centre (Unpublished, 2016)

Regional Support Network (Un-Dependently Yours: Imagining A World Beyond The Red Carpet edited by Bryan Konefsky, River Quane, David Camarena, 2015) [co-written with Leslie Supnet]

A Series of Questions for Experimental Film and Video Programmers (OtherZine, 2014)

Abandoned in Winnipeg (OtherZine, 2014)

The Algorithmic Editing Manifesto (Millennium Film Journal, 2012)

Structural Digital Video (Incite!, 2011)

light is the first bodily form (Incite!, 2008)