The Public Slaw [Synopsis]

The Public Slaw.” Unpublished (2014).

Long Synopsis

The Public Slaw (2014) by Winston Hacking & Andrew Zukerman begins by reclaiming a trailer of DreamWorks 2008 computer-animated action/comedy/martial arts flick Kung Fu Panda. Through emulsion lifting and other forms of emulsion manipulation, the appropriated trailer seems to both denounce DreamWorks’ slick computer animation and to explore the materiality of a medium that is being displaced by new modes of digital production.

The film itself is a handcrafted, psychedelic journey into a realm that blends the vernacular of found footage experimental cinema, internet culture and public access television; not coincidentally all forms of democratized media. The film is “hosted” by a confused public access Dracula (played by Kevin Leggatt) who introduces the viewers to an onslaught of images including pugs, no budget horror films, collaged images, a news bulletin consisting of a falling cat landing on its feet, among other things, all surrounded by a visual commentary in the form of direct animation.

The final section of the film is a dance performance (by Minae Omi) that is reminiscent of 60’s freak-out films. The hi-con black and white images, together with the intensity of the animation, editing and camerawork, create a chaotic, visceral experience that is bound to appeal to the audience’s innermost nihilistic impulses.

Short Synopsis

The Public Slaw is a handmade film that blends found footage, direct animation and emulsion manipulation with the artist’s own footage, starring Toronto public access icon Kevin Leggat & dancer Minae Omi. The film is intended to induce the psychedelic state that would occur if one attempted to make magic tacos and to watch internet cat memes, public access television and 90s Japanese noise videos all at the same time.