Magnetic Spasms: The Best of Hymn Videozine

Programmed by Clint Enns. Presented by Pleasure Dome at CineCycle in Toronto, Ontario on March 16, 2016.  

Hymn Videozine is an international VHS micro-distribution project founded in 2003 in Vancouver by former Emily Carr students Stephen Wichuk and Rickie Lea Owens, who have released six VHS videozines to date. The films and videos selected for Magnetic Spasms represent a regional aesthetic that was developing in the Vancouver film and video scene at the turn of the millennium. At the time, most of the videozine artists were Emily Carr students and a few were members of The Lions Collaborative Drawing Group – an influential group of Vancouver artists that work collaboratively on drawings and paintings.

The programme will be presented in the spirit of the videozine: on a slightly degraded VHS tape with various Hymn handmade “spots” interjected throughout.


VideoHymn Intro: Big Time Soup Stock Time 
A One Cent Peep Show | Rickie Lea Owens | 2006
The Mustard Man | Fabiola Carranza & Charlotte Matthews | 2004
Dress You Up In My Love | Rickie Lea Owens | 2004
Motorcycle Sound | Tasha Brotherton | 2004 
Handball | Barry Doupé | 2004
The Good Life of the Cacti | Tasha Brotherton | 2005 
Trains | Lief Hall | 2004
VideoHymn Intro: Standards are Open to Interpretation
Untitled | Stephen Wichuk | 2004 
Starry Day | Mason M. & Stefan Gruber | 2004
Absurdism | Bart Bachelor | 2003 
VideoHymn Intro: The Video Word Made Flesh 
Untitled | Trevor Adams | 2002
Save Jesus! | Esther Kruk | 2004
Sailor Kicks Tree | Sailor Neale | 2004
Bad Dog Segment 4 | Matthew Brown | 2004
Hymn Intro: With Icing on Top
A Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose | Barry Doupé | 2004
Jellyfssh | Rickie Lea Owens | 2005 
A Blush to Snow | Magnus Bjornson | 2004
A Fine Start | Stephen Wichuk (with Veda Hille) | 2005