Bonus Stage 2: F@n F-ck3ry

Programmed by Skot Demming and Clint Enns. Presented by Vector Festival at VideoFag in Toronto, Ontario on February 24, 2013 as part of the festival closing party.

This program consists of weird and wonderful experimentations, and creative interventions made by fans.

Bryan Peterson’s SHITEST REMIX EVUR LOL ***** OMGZ IZ THAT RAINBOW ROADZZZZ? LOLZ WARIO???********* combines sea punk aesthetics with Mario Cart to create one of the best video re-mixes of Rihanna’s performance on SNL. David Musgrave’s Such is Life is an endless free fall consisting of Mortal Kombat characters. Remember the Obama vs. Mitney presidential debates? Now imagine them cloning themselves and taking it to the battlefields. Never mind, come watch Mat Lindenberg’s Election: Total War.

Finally, Toronto artists Jim Munroe, Sean Grounds, Edward Shallow and Mark Pellegrino invent their own brand of strange with, respectively, a Canadian tourists’ view of Grand Theft Auto’s Liberty City, an educational program taught by penguins designed to keep your kids quiet, a video that only works under the assumption that ‘World Dead Time’ exists, and a video so strange that it will make you never want to do drugs again.


My Trip to Liberty City | Jim Munroe | 2003 | 9 min.
Skooma | Mark Pellegrino | 2010 | 2 min.
SHITEST REMIX EVUR LOL ***** OMGZ IZ THAT RAINBOW ROADZZZZ? LOLZ WARIO???********* | Bryan Peterson | 2012 | 1 min.
Pargu | Sean Grounds | 2011 | 4 min.
Election: Total War | Mat Lindenberg | 2012 | 3 min.
KROJC music video for the song Pirx | Tomasz Wlaźlak | 2012 | 2 min.
Such Is Life. | David Musgrave | 2010 | 2 min.
World Head Law | Edward Shallow | 2012 | 2 min.