Mediations on the Medium

Programmed by Clint Enns. Presented by Vector Festival in Toronto, Ontario on February 22, 2013.

This program consists of films and videos that allow us to meditate on the nature of the medium.

What do a classic video game cabinet, a tv, and a snack dispenser have in common? Find out in Stephanie Barber’s 16mm film Total Power, dead dead dead. Eddo Stern’s Best Flamewar Ever is an on-line debate about fantasy game Everquest and is literally one of the best documented flamewars. Did the Atari 2600 games you played in your childhood affect your entire philosophical outlook? Meesoo Lee’s lo-fi video Think suggests they might have.

Scott Stark’s Driven attempts to blur the lines between video gaming and reality, and IP Yuk-Yiu’s Another Day of Depression in Kowloon provides us with a virtual ethnographic tour by exploring ‘Kowloon’ in the video game CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops. Finally, Beflix’s Extranormal shows some of the limitations of language mediated through the computer, and Gun Holström’sTurku Goes Oukkidoukki uses the world and language of a Sims to humorously comment on the role of the art museum as a social space.


Total Power, dead dead dead | Stephanie Barber | 2005 | 3 min. | 16mm
Best Flamewar Ever | Eddo Stern | 2007 | 15 min.
Driven | Scott Stark | 2005 | 8 min.
Extranormal | Beflix (Ant Scott) | 2011 | 2 min.
Turku Goes Oukkidoukki | Gun Holmström | 2005 | 8 min.
Think | Meesoo Lee | 1999 | 3 min.
Another Day of Depression in Kowloon | IP Yuk-Yiu | 2012 | 15 min.