B-Sides & Ephemera

Confessions d’un voleur d’ordure (2023)

GIF Reel (2016)

John Porter’s T-Shirt Collection (2014)

A Knight’s Walk (2014)

Walking With Phil (2013)

A Day in the Shint (2013)

Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart (2013)

whiplash (2010)

walking from sals to tims (2010)

Guy Maddin on the set of the Hauntings (2010)

Confused Rain (2008)

Botched Eyeball Operation (2008)

Debbie Does Ascii (an Ascii Pr0n from a 1981 BBS) (2007)

light is the first bodily form (2007)

On Light, or the Ingression of Forms (2007)