Winnipeg Stories: Sacrificial Memories

winnipeg stories: sacrificial memories | 2008 | Super 8->Video 8->DV | 4:38


Made from discarded film footage found in thrift shops and flea markets in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A dialogue between two mediums. The music is “Eu un Miroir, Obscurement” by Natural Snow Buildings.

Critical Discourse

“It is a space that, in the filmmaker’s bid to decode and make peace with, becomes a conglomeration of dots and globules of color within discarded film footage in Clint Enns’ Winnipeg Stories: Sacrificial Memories.” – Bedatri D. Choudhury, “Tightly Bound Consciousness,” Flaherty Dispatch (March 28, 2017).

“Enns’ Winnipeg Stories: Sacrificial Memories uses a particularly intriguing idea, and is the most direct in making connection between the relationship of film and memory. He combines fragments of film footage found in thrift shops and flea markets in and around his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The idea of film’s ability to embody our memories and what happens to those images when they are disconnected from their context is a fascinating one.” – Mary Bentz Gilkerson, “A Current Affair: A review of Accessibility 2009.” Free Times: Columbia’s Free Alternative Weekly (November 21, 2009).


Winnipeg Stories: Sacrificial Memories as part of Phantasmagoria at Dalnavert Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

March 28, 2017. Tightly Bound Consciousness, Winter/Spring Flaherty NYC (Broken Senses), Anthology Film Archives, New York City, New York. Curated by Ruth Somalo.

July 21, 2012. Tactile Image, SESC Arts, São Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Kika Nicolela and Gabriel Soucheyre.

August 12–September 16, 2011. Screengrab, School of Creative Arts New Media Prize, eMerge Media Space, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.

May 13, 2011. The Light Factory: Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film, Charlotte, North Carolina.

December 21, 2010. Expérimentale, Court, C’est Court, Cabrieres D’Avignon, France. Curated by Anne-Lise Blaise and Nadine Chatoux.

May 13, 2010. Sleep…in the Gallery, send + receive, aceartinc., Winnipeg, Manitoba. Curated by crys cole.

May 8, 2010. Distance and Memory, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Experimental Film Festival, Silver Spring, Maryland. Curated by Chris Henry Lynn.

February 11, 2010. Variations on the Home Movie, StemCell 2010, Metro Cinema, Edmonton, Alberta.

December 19–20, 2009. Now, Fresh Abstraction, SF World, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

October 16, 2009. Cross Currents, Accessibility 2009, Sumter County Gallery of Art, Sumter, South Carolina. Curated by Frank McCauley.

August 29, 2009. Visual Deflections, London, UK. Curated by Eleanor Lawler and Katherine Nolan.

October 5–November 6, 2011. Phantasmagoria, Dalnavert Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Curated by Jennifer Bisch.

June 12, 2010. Digital Graffiti 2010, Alys Beach, Florida.