The Aesthetics of Failure

The Aesthetics of Failure | 2008 | PXL2000 | 2:40


Made at a house party in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the middle of winter.

Music is Trench by Natural Snow Buildings.


December 1 – 9, 2010. Streaming Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands.

November 9, 2010. Les expériences technologiques et poétiques, Anemic Festival, Prague, Czech Republic. Presented by Les Instants Vidéo.

December 7, 2009. PXL THIS 19, Unurban, Santa Monica, California. Organized by Gerry Fialka.

September 4, 2009.  off/off, Oblò Film Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland.

April 22, 2009. Locally-made Recycled Film and Video, Winnipeg Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

March 4, 2009. Synthetic Zero, Bronx Culture Trolley, Bronx, New York.

February 21-3, 2009. Lateral Movement, Adelaide Film Festival, Mercury Cinema, Adelaide, Australia. Curated by Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling.