putting yourself out there

putting yourself out there | 2009 | Webcam->DV | 2:05

A voyeuristic intervention into the lives of chat addicted users. Music by Nick Krgovich.

Critical Discourse

Enns’ putting yourself out there uses footage he took from video chat web sites streamed, unknowingly from the people he was talking to, using intimate situations to highlight the ironic breakdown of physical communication. – Stephanie Hough, The EYE-KEA Project Catalogue (Ireland: Basement Project Space, 2010).

Enns’ putting yourself out there (2009) montages pixellated snippets of webcam footage of online chatroom users against a melancholy soundtrack. The subjects simply look into the middle distance, silently and patiently waiting for a response, any response. – Chris ClarkeThe EYE-KEA Project” Enclave Review 01 (Summer 2010).

Enns’ offering, putting yourself out there (2009) is also voyeuristic in the online sphere, showing random chatroom addicts on a pixelated small screen—twitching, scoping eyes and fingers in mouths. The accompanying song wistfully intones, “I wrote the book on how to be lonely.” Do they know they’re being observed? – Bernadette Ashley, “The Fruits of Invention.” RealTime Arts Magazine 93 (October-November 2009).


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