Publications (Artworks)

Untitled (As the world Burns) (Prompt Magazine, 2024)

A&C (Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris, 2020)

Retina Burn in the Sunshine State (byNWR, 2019) [Essay by Karim Hussain]

Untitled (False Teeth) (Slightly Off Photozine, 2017)

Untitled (Blinds) || Untitled (Static) (Window, 2016 || 2017)

The Eclectic Countryside (Cultural Kapital, 2017)

Untitled (Streit House Space, 2017)

Garage Sale (BlackFlash Magazine, 2016) [Optical Nerve Contest, Honourable Mention]

Photography Abstracted (BKN Magazine, 2016)

Winter Kept Us Warm (Malform, 2016)

The Hibernating Emulsion (Incite!, 2015) [Essay by Walter Forsberg]

Lost Traces Found (World Picture, 2014)

Forsaken Spaces (Rhubarb Magazine, 2014)

Abandoned in Winnipeg (OtherZine, 2014)

Untitled (Touch.My.Prints, 2013)

Found Cat Series (Carleton Computer Club, 2013)