Lucifer Bearer of Light

Lucifer Bearer of Light | 2009 | Broken Cellphone Camera | 1:05


A sacrifice to the patron saint of cinema produced on a broken flip phone camera.

Critical Discourse

“Produced using a broken cell phone camera, it’s a trance video with the throbbing colors of the sun dissolving into each other with a hypnotic soundtrack.

Although popular conceptions of Lucifer is of a dark entity, he is actually more traditionally thought of as a solar, light-bringing being, which is why Kenneth Anger considers him the patron saint of cinema, as in “cinema” of the classic “light from a projector thrown onto a screen” sense. However, more “cinema” is probably produced today via instruments like cellphone videos and enjoyed on a non-projected screen, such as a computer monitor.” – Mike Everleth, “Lucifer: Patron Saint Of Cell Phone Videos?Undergournd Film Journal (April 7, 2009).


June 24, 2011. Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation, Silent Barn & Outpost, Ridgewood New York. Organized by Bob Bellerue.

January 17, 2010. Sacred Geometries, Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, California. Curated by Jesse Malmed.

December 15, 2009. Sacred Geometries, Deep Leep Microcinema, Portland, Oregon. Curated by Jesse Malmed.

November 6, A New Breed, Trinity Lounge, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, Ontario. Curated by Cameron Starr.