Lost Photos Found

​A short performance lecture that explores the art of re-imaging lost, abandoned, and discarded media.

Home Away From Home

Sample texts from Lost Photos Found.

Grandpa’s Toes

These photos are from my grandfather’s photographic archive which I digitized when he passed away a few years ago.

While I do not remember these photos being taken, they have become an intimate part of my imagined history.

There remains only one clue to the identity of the photos’ author: grandpa’s toe. 

On Vacation

These images were taken away from home, on vacation. After a long day spent in the sun, we all went inside for a nap.

Curiously, my friend made himself comfortable by moving the table to the left side of the chair in order to make space for his drink, leaving the lamp on the ground as a reminder of where the table once stood.

Childhood Home

I recently revisited my childhood home. The man who now lives there allowed me to take a few pictures. During our visit, he offered me some clothing that “just might fit me.” I regret refusing these pants, but, more so, I ultimately regret not asking about his black eye (knowing it was, ultimately, none of my business).

Home Without A Home

What does it mean to inhabit a space? Is it enough to pass out there after a night of drinking, or is it necessary to make the space your own? 


These two printed photos were found next to each other in a junkshop in Toronto, Ontario. I purchased them and a few other slides for a couple of dollars. Despite initially capturing my interest, the slides turned out to be rather banal, generic shots of mountains which, under the dim lights of the shop, resembled abstract textures.

In contrast, I often return to this photograph of the man framed in light and this, I assume, colostomy photo, and wonder how they are related.

Lost Photos Found

A selection of images from Lost Photos Found.


October 18, 2019. “Lost Photos Found. “Mieux Vaut Tard, presented by VU Photo in Québec City, Québec.

November 10, 2017. “Lost Images Found.” What a Place to Be Alive: Moving Images from Toronto, presented by Collective Misnomer at Collection Dikeou in Denver, Colorado.

July 12, 2017. “Lost Photos Found.” The Lo-Fi Mixtape: A Selection of Work by Clint Enns, presented by Visions at la lumière collective in Montréal, Québec.

June 11, 2015. “Lost Images Found.” Scope Sessions 44, presented by Scope Sessions in Berlin, Germany.