Gleem | 2010 | PXL2000 | 2:00


A remake of a lost James Benning film from 1974. A sex negative film about maintaining those pearly whites.

Artist Statement

1974, 16mm, 2:00, Lost (Colour, Sound)
Produced at the University of Wisconsin

This film is optically printed and interweaves two short sequences of tooth brushing on odd number frames and a close-up of a penis ejaculating on even number frames.1

Critical Discourse

“I wasn’t entirely convinced I was straight until I saw this film.” – Guy Maddin (2010)


December 10, 2012. PXL THIS 22, Unurban, Santa Monica, California Organized by Gerry Fialka.

May 14, 2011. Montreal Underground Film Festival, Montreal, Quebec.

  1. “Filmography” in James Benning, edited by Barabara Pichler and Claudia Slanar (Vienna: Synema, 2007), 245. []