Gameboy Empire

Gameboy Empire | 2012 | Gameboy ROM


A remake of Andy Warhol’s Empire (1964) for Gameboy. Gameboy Empire allows the Warhol enthusiast to experience experience Empire anywhere on their portable entertainment system.

Critical Discourse

“Clint Enns’ Gameboy and Grand Theft Auto recreations of Andy Warhol’s Empire (1964) eloquently highlight the condensed timeframes of video-game play and the relative feats of endurance that both films and games demand. – Steven Leyden Cochrane, “Press ‘Start’ to Continue.” Uptown Magazine (June 28, 2012).


Gameboy Empire shown as part of Reset at PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts.

September 4 – October 3, 2015. The Wide Inter-Consciousness, Austin Museum of Digital Art, Art.Science.Gallery, Austin, Texas. Curated by Stephen Fishman.

June 21 – July 28, 2012. Reset: Post-Consumer Gamer Culture, PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Curated by Skot Deeming.